In the last few weeks we’ve worked with the lads from Normandie. With their new album, published by InVogue Records, they immediately hit the Billboard Charts 200 and are already one of the best upcoming rock bands in 2016.

Read what these guys have on their minds;

“To all the people out there who have not surrendered to the cynicism yet. To all the people who are committed to peace and want to save our world: Do the world a favor and save yourself first.

Make peace with yourself. Accept yourself. Welcome your shadow. Embrace your weaknesses. Heal your wounds. Free your mind. Let go of what harms you. Choose what makes you stronger.

This YES! to yourself is a revolutionary act. Be faithful to yourself. What our world needs is love. And the love starts with you. Love yourself! … and your love will save the world.”

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Listen to Normandie’s new single and music video “Collide” here. We’re already playing it non-stop!

Photos by Ruben Ångqvist