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what’s up guys this is ron. trying to write a category description for myself. um I’m not really sure what to write here. but ok let me tell you the story of how I ended up here. 

so as you guys probably know – this is a store that I’m currently working with. I was actually going to create a separate website to sell my products on, but it was a lot of effort. and y’all know that I like to take the short way out. so I suggested to my friend Jan who runs YDWYA that maybe I can list myself on this website. he agreed. so here I am. if you have no idea who I am, my insta is @payformycoffee. so y’all can go follow me on there. or not. I’m not anyone important.

but anyway. chances are you probably came from my insta. and below are the product(s) that I have created. so go buy it. and if you like anything else that you see on this store, you can buy it too.

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